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Fidus: A Tool for Web Personalized Information Retrieval

Dissertation submitted to the coordination of post-graduate in Computer Science, Federal University of Paraíba - Campus II, as part of the requirements for obtaining the degree of Master in Computer Science.

Area: Database

Marcus Costa Sampaio

Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brasil
Agosto de 2001







he search model used by conventional search engines such as Google, Altavista and Yahoo is intended to satisfy users that have immediate interest for a specific information context instead of users with regular interests. This model also doesn’t provide ways to measure the precision of search results. We present a solution for information retrieval that enables users with regular interests to create a personal profile as an information consumer, allowing the maximization of relevance in search results and to measure the precision of search results. This solution is based on TF-Seno, a TF-IDF variation algorithm implemented in this work.

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